"I hope I can please Him!"

By Erik Farstad

November 26, 1997

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men..."
Colossians 3:23

We all want to be accepted and loved. The question to ask yourself is who do you want and desire acceptance from? The answer to this is found in where you are INVESTING YOUR TIME!

The Lord wants us to give 100% in all things we do, work, school, friendships, marriage and service. As Christians we need to be an example, we are ambassadors for Christ! People notice our work ethics, motivations and attitudes. How are yours? Are you putting your heart into what the Lord has entrusted to you? Yes, the Lord has given you your job, friends and husband/wife, are they receiving 100% of your abilities? Or do you give your all at work or to friends, then come home and neglect your other responsibilities?

Satan wants us to be distracted from our "responsibilities." He wants us to focus on work and forget our quiet times. He desires us to become pleaserís of the Ďman bossí instead of the ĎFather boss.í This is a difficult subject to understand sometimes. You may ask, "Canít I please both?" Yes you can, but you must decide who to put first.

Think of Daniel. Daniel was in a situation, in Nebacannezurs hands (his worldly boss), where he had to choose to become like the rest his friends (co-workers) and eat of the Kings food. He did not want to defile himself before his Lord, so he ask for just water and vegetables. Weeks passed, and Daniel and his friends were stronger and healthier than the rest. Nebacannezur then found favor in Daniel and his friends. What does this story mean? We can please men here on earth, but only if we put pleasing our Lord first.

Take a stand for Christ, do what Jesus would do, donít follow the crowd. Treat your work, whether at home or at the office, as an act of worship and service to God. You are His servant, just because Heís not physically here doesnít mean you can slack off! For it is through pleasing our Lord that He allows the opportunities to please men, which in turn brings Him the glory and draws praises from men.

Let this be your prayer today:
Dear Lord, I want to please you today and do all things heartily for you. I acknowledge that men here on earth have power over me, those that I must answer to. But Lord let me not see them higher than you, for you reign over all men. Let me give 100% to all things I do, to bring you the glory and to draw many to your majesty and saving power. I choose today to invest in serving you first. Please grant me with a faith like Danielís. Convict my heart if I am investing in anything other than your will. Thank you Father, In Jesusí name, Amen.
When you say, "I hope I can please him!" Who are you talking about?

In Him, "E"