You can fly!

By Erik Farstad

January 9, 1998

"You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised." Hebrews 10:36

We would love things to happen on our terms and in our time. Well, patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. Our Father sees the beginning and the end of everything. He knows when to make things happen or how to prolong them until just the right moment. Is our time, His time? How do we know if it’s our time or His?

Are you close to Him daily. Spend time in his word, prayer and meditation? Do you seek Him or just do it (like Nike)! Just doin’ it or acting on our own is "our time." Seeking his council (the Word) and listening for His voice brings about "His time." It may be difficult to not to act or to rush into something, but many times when we do we get hurt.

He knows, we don’t! He’s omniscient, we’re pea size! He’s the Father, we’re the child! When we were infants we needed the care of our parents. When we were toddlers we needed the support of our parents. When we were children we needed the advice and knowledge of our parents on everything! (Remember all those "Why" questions!) Sure you do. So just because we’ve "grown up" in the physical sense and our mental capabilities have increased, why do we stop asking questions and seeking the advice of our Father? For Heavens sake, HE KNOWS IT ALL! That alone should prompt us to seek.

Will the answer you seek come? Yes, eventually. Patience, waiting and wondering tear at our every string. But stay true to what He promises, to never let you down! What you are waiting for will eventually come. Will it be packaged the way you want, maybe. But I can promise you that even if what you are waiting for doesn’t come, what you receive will be even better than what you thought! It just might take you some time to realize it.

Let this be your prayer today:
Dear Lord, I am an impatient person. I admit, with all honesty, that I would love things to happen my way and with my timing. But Lord, I want your way and your timing. I want your will for my life. Grant me the patience and peace to wait on your gifts. When I act without you, I stumble. When I seek and ask for your guidance, I can fly! Today I seek to soar like a bird with patience, confidence and courage. I wait with patience for your call to take flight and go! In Jesus’ name, Amen.
You can fly, just don’t take off without clearance!

In Him, "E"