Bad Company

By Erik Farstad

January 12, 1998

Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character." 1 Corinthians 15:33

It is better to be alone, than in bad company. Like begets like. Agree?

Where and with whom we spend our time is very important. If I spend my time with fellow Christians, my actions will be reflective of the group. Likewise, if I spend my time with a biker gang from the southside, a little joke, there is a higher likelihood that I may stray from my "norm" Christian actions. Let me explain further.

If I am around swearing, debauchery, or rough situations, I will slowly become desensitized to these actions. Soon I will see it as Ďno problemí to participate in these actions, everyone else is doing it!

On the other hand, if I surround myself with people and situations that are pleasing to the Lord, I am more likely to live my life according to His will. Does this mean do not associate with non-believers? Absolutely not. We need to be light in the darkness, the salt of the world. not allow yourself to become dead to those things that arenít pleasing to the Lord. Once your spirit becomes numb, you lose your convictions and you stop caring! Drastic, perhaps, but it can happen easily. We are weak by nature and cannot battle these temptations on our own.

So when in difficult situations, remove yourself if you can. Definitely be praying for strength. Stay in the word, stay in prayer and stay close to your Father through fellowship and time with Him. That is how you combat and stay clear of "Bad Company." The more you are with Him, the less time you will even want to be with anyone or anything else.

Let this be your prayer today:
Dear Lord, I know I sin every day and will always fall short of your glory. But Lord I choose today to steer clear of bad company and situations that lead me to stumble. I call upon your strength, the Holy Spirit in me, to help me fight battles and keep me strong in difficult situations. If I am in Bad Company (places, w/people, thoughts or actions), I pray that your Spirit will throw a huge conviction on my heart AND that I will turn away immediately. Lord, thank you for loving me through my faults and for ALWAYS seeing me clean, washed by the blood of Christ. May my life, thoughts and actions bring a smile to your face. May I have the opportunity to share your love today, with someone who needs you desperately. Thank you Lord, in Jesusí name, Amen.
Spread HIS light in your part of the world!

Prayer request? Praises! Let me know, Iíd love to hear what the Lord is showing, teaching and doing in your life.

In Him, "E"