Itís time to laugh.

By Erik Farstad

November 12, 1997

"There is a time for everything...a time to laugh..." Ecclesiastes 3:1,4

I love to laugh. I do it all the time. Isnít if fun being a child of God? Do you enjoy the new life He has given you? God brings joy to the heart. When our heart is filled with joy, we express it through the life we live. This includes laughter.

Laughter is one of the best medicines. Itís contagious. When you laugh, you always feel better afterwards. Donít tell me you can laugh and be frowning at the same time, itís not possible. God wants us to have fun, enjoy the life Heís given us and to laugh, a lot! Think about it for a moment. When I am joy filled, laughing, basically enjoying life, wonít people notice that? Of course they will. They may say, "Why is he/she so happy all the time?" Wow, what a wonderful opportunity to share why! Your life can speak louder than any words ever spoken, and it should.

When was the last time you laughed? Having trouble seeing the humor in things, yourself or life in general? Stop and realize something. Yes STOP! There are times to be serious and there are times to let go and have some fun. And there is nothing wrong with Christians having fun! The world says Christians live boring lives with so many boundaries of doís and doníts, hogwash! We should have more reasons to celebrate than anyone.

So if youíre having trouble laughing and enjoying life, turn to the Lord. Christ died on a cross so that you can enjoy a life filled with forgiveness, eternal salvation and Godís peace and joy! Do you seek that joy, seek to laugh? Go to Him now, talk with Him. Ask the Lord to take away your sorrow, your pain or your frown. Only Christ can bring true joy and the laughter that comes from a new life through Jesus Christ. Your new life and laughter can begin today. The laughter may not come all at once, but God promises all His children a joy beyond our wildest imagination. Seek Him and your life will change, I promise you!

If you do know Christ remember one thing. Stay in His will and do not stray from seeking His path of direction in your life. But while your on the path you might as well make the best of it, have fun!

Let this be your prayer today:
Dear Lord, I praise you today for life! I praise you that you bring a joy to my heart and laughter to my lips. Let my joy and laughter touch those around me, drawing them to your glory. I acknowledge that the only reason I have to celebrate is Jesus! Now let me go forth today and use me to invite more people to your heavenly eternal party. In Christís name, Amen.
What do you show people? Joy and laughter or something mediocre?

In Him, "E"