making the most of the scriptures

By Johnny Angel

Making the Most of the Scriptures ------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you think your scriptures are just a couple of books with lots of pages that you're supposed to read everyday, think again. The scriptures are vital words of life that can apply to your very own personal challenges and obstacles. By making full use of them, you can change your life for the better. Here are some ways to get started letting the scriptures into your life.

1. Collect your favorite scriptures in a scrapbook. Copy the scriptures you love best and place them in an album.

2. Turn your favorite scriptures into visual works. For example:

--Wet a piece of water color paper and drop a few drops of paint onto it. The color will blur into the most beautiful pastel abstract.. When the paper is completely dry, write your favorite scripture across the page with a marker.

--Make a collage. Cut out words and pictures that correspond with your favorite scripture. Paste them, along with the scripture, in an artistic way on construction paper or cardboard.

--If you're into photography, try illustrating a favorite scripture with a photograph.

3. Collect your favorite scriptures in your journal. Write them down and record why they have a special meaning to you. This can add variety to your journal writing.

4. Share your favorite scriptures with friends by writing them on a blank card, decorating it, then dropping it in the mail or in their lockers.

5. Adopt your favorite scripture as a personal motto. Put it on a poster in your room and write it in your notebook.

6. Write 31 favorite scriptures on slips of paper. Fold them and place them in a basket. Each morning of the month pull one out to think about all day long.

7. Most importantly, get a version of the Bible that you can understand. One that makes sense! In my own life, I was raised to only read the King James Version, now I'm not knocking this version. It works for some people, but it made absolutely no sense at all to me. When I got my first New International Version, I sat there for hours just reading because I finally understood what it was saying. The scriptures came alive to me. The Old Testament with its stories of battles, won and lost, great Kings and prophets, and truths of a Father who loved his chosen people. The New Testament with its descriptions of a Messiah who gave His life for all mankind and rewards for those who follow Him. The Bible isn't just a rule book of do's and don'ts. It's life's manual of be's and are's. It's a book of comfort for those who are weary and in need. It's a book of songs and praises for those who are joyful. It's a book of maps for those who are lost. It's a book of love and healing, for those who are hurting. It's a sword and shield for those under attack by evil and compromise It's a book for whatever stage in your Christian Journey, you are in. It's instruction for the infant in Christ, knowledge for the journeyman, and wisdom for the mature. It's a book that never dies, it just continues to be renewed everyday! -Ted

--Author Unknown

"In all my perplexities and distresses, the Bible has never failed to give me light and strength." --Robert E. Lee

N Prayer,
Johnny <*}}}><