Withered Hand

By Gerald S. Sumeracki

The temple crowd was large that day When Christ was there to teach All Scribes and Priests and Pharisees Prepared to test His speech. The Lord did stir those there to hear With His new way of thought As told He them who tested Him "Man's way to God's not bought." "Stop putting weights and rules on those "Who bear life's pain and grief "Your main concern is for yourself "Stop acting like a thief." Their anger for this righteous talk Grew greater by the hour They looked for cause to shame this man Through all their wicked power. One of the crowd with withered hand The Lord did seek to mend "Not on the Sabbath," priests replied "For this the Law won't bend." "This Law be your's not God's," Christ said "Your soul's can't see what's right "For day of week means naught to God To manifest His might." So cured He him with withered hand And therby gave them cause Said Scribes and Priests and Pharasees "He's broken Sabbath Laws!" And so this Man from that day on Kept doing what God willed Till hung they Him upon a cross God's sinless One they killed.