40 Days and Nights

By Gerald Sumeracki

Forty day and forty nights, Through wilderness went He, To bring Himself to Godly strength, Yes, fasting was His key. When He was done, God's only Son, Came forth in weakened state, And Satan thought the timing right, To tempt Christ with his bait. "If You be God these stones make bread," Said Satan to the Lord, For he did know that hunger hurt, He'd have this Warrior's sword. But Jesus said, "Not bread alone, "Does make man whole and strong, "But in the Words of God on high, "Does man in truth belong." The devil tried another trick, To test the Lord again, But Jesus said, "To test our God "Is prayer no one should send." The devil tried a final blow, He offered Christ all power, "This world is mine." he said in truth, "It's Yours this very hour." "If You but bow and worship me, "I'll give You all You see." Said Christ, "My God's the only One, "I'll never worship thee!" And so the devil left the Lord, As angels came to aid, The Lord had beat the devil's game, Yet traps would still be laid. Yes through Christ's life the devil's ways, Were all brought to the light, Until the end when Satan thought, He'd won the final fight. But Christ did let the devil know, That victory was His crown, He rose from death by power of God, Yes, Satan's gates fell down.