By Gerald Sumeracki

His last words were, "I never knew you; depart from me you who practiced lawlessness."

What had I done to deserve this! I was in a void, a pit of dispair and eternal darkness. The hollow sounds of agony pierced my spirit. I had seen God's Glory, I had seen the heavens I was made to possess. Their wonder would be indelibly etched in my being.

Lost was all that I had been created for, lost forever. The words rang in my soul, "I never knew you."

Why did I neglect my salvation, why did I listen to my arrogant self, why did I not heed the urgings of my friends and loved ones? Words would never be appropriate for the misery I had to live eternally, all because I chose to neglect the salvation of Jesus.

Oh the fool I had been, oh the fool. Heed my words of pain, listen to my tears of loss, least you hear Him say, "I never knew you!"