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Update (November 2015): We will be updating this section over the next few months, starting with the lower section that lists verses using the word in context. After updating the lower section we will fix the broken links to external studies in the upper section.

Over the years we have posted a variety of Bible studies. Here we have collected a number of these Bible Word studies with verses, definitions, commentaries, and other links.

Choosing the daily word and verse for the website is a true blessing. One of my daily prayers is that the Lord guide me in choosing His Words and verses for our Bible Verse of the Day and study pages, and that His Word will reach out and touch somebody that day... My prayer now is that the archived daily Word continue to reach out and bless His people.

Some of the words occur in hundreds of verses, so finding a good selection of verses for a standard size web page (or larger...) can be difficult. Some of the "favorites", like God, Father, and others, were published as the Bible study before we started building our archives... so we will be repeating most of these in the future, and recording them in the archive, so be sure to check back.

We would love to hear your suggestions for verses that illustrate a particular word (using the word in context). We pray that you will be blessed by this section, and we ask the Lord to help each and every one of us to get the Word out! Give us the strength, Father, to spread Your Word throughout the world, sharing the gospel of salvation through Christ Jesus, Your Son. Help us to grow in living Your Word as we read and pray over it. Let your Spirit guide us to truth and understanding as we study Your Word, and learn about You and Your ways. We praise you Father for letting us rejoice in life through You.

In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ we pray,

Yours in Christ,
Marc (aka Job)