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Biblical Greek: Greek Alphabet

A quick summary of the Greek alphabet, with tips for speaking and writing.

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Greek Alphabet and Pronunciation Guide:

The following table should be memorized! You will find it much easier to learn Koine Greek if you also learn how to pronounce it. Mounce suggests using as many senses as possible in the learning process. This is known as "associative learning". To learn Greek, I recommend you listen to the letters and words, and speak them out load as you learn them (sense of hearing). You should also involve the visual senses and tactile (touch) senses by reading and writing. The new testament was written in Greek, so learning the language will help you understand (and appreciate) some of the problems involved in translation. It will also open up a whole new world of tools for studying God's Word, since most advanced study aids assume a knowledge of Greek.

Part of learning any topic, is learning the associated terminology. Two new terms that you will find in Greek grammar texts are Uncial and Minuscule, used to describe upper case letters and lower case letters, respectively.

There is one other learning aid that I cannot over-emphasize: prayer. Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you through His Word, and pray that that your studies lead you into a closer relationship with Him, and a better understanding of His ways. I pray that the LORD will bless you as you grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Name Sound(s) Consonant
Alpha a as in father Vowel Greek has no short a sound, as in pad.
Beta b as in Bible Consonant
Gamma g as in God Consonant Gamma is pronounced like "n" when it occurs before another gamma, kappa, xsi, or chi. For example, the double gamma has the "ng" sound, like in king.
Delta d as in dog Consonant
Epsilon e as in get Vowel
Zeta dz or ds as in cords
z as in zero
Consonant Some say to pronounce this as "dz", unless it is the first character in a word, when it should be pronounced "z"
Eta e as in obey Vowel
Theta th as in theology Consonant
Iota i as in bit (short vowel)
i as in machine (long vowel)
y as in yellow (consonant)
iota with a circumflex (^) is long, otherwise it is short. In Hebrew terms beginning with yod, iota is used as a consonant and followed by a vowel. If it is not followed by a vowel, iota is a vowel.
Kappa k as in keep Consonant
Lambda l as in law Consonant
Mu m as in marriage Consonant
Nu n as in new Consonant
Xsi x as in axe
xs as in axiom
Omicron o as in obey (long)
o as in not (short)
Vowel Modern Greek uses the long "o" sound, and is also used in Machen's book. Mounce and Hewett use the short sound. The pronunciation in Koine is not known.
Pi p as in put Consonant
Rho r as in rod Consonant
Sigma s as in study Consonant is only used at the ends of words
Tau t as in talk Consonant
Upsilon German ü sound
u as in universe
oo as in book
Phi ph as in phone Consonant
Chi ch as in German Ach (guttural) Consonant
Psi ps as in lips Consonant
Omega o as in note Vowel

I get a lot of mail from readers that sign their message with "agape". This is fine, but now you can ask your friends to install the Greek fonts on their PC, and sign your message as follows:


The first Greek alpha character in agape should have a Smooth Breathing mark over the character (') which looks like an apostrophe, and the second alpha should have an acute accent (´) over the character, which gives a final look like this:


The original texts did not include accents, so we will lightly cover breathings and accents in a later section. Originally, the accents were pitch accents, which implied change in tone. Since most of this information on pronunciation has been lost, just think of the accents as a place to add stress in pronunciation, like accents in English.

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The Earth is the Lord's,
and the fulness thereof;