The Earth is the Lord's,
and the fulness thereof;

Prayer and Praise

Welcome to our prayer and praise room! If you have a special need in your life, we would like to encourage you to fill out a prayer request. If the Lord has blessed you, we encourage you to let the world know by filling out a praise report. We pray that our prayer service would be a blessing to the Church, and help us grow in prayerful support of each other's needs. Prayer and Praise Message Board

We pray that the prayer message board will be a blessing to the Body, and help us all to grow in love for each other, and grow in prayer in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus. We also pray that we all grow in support of each other in both our prayer life, and in good works. To ensure privacy, we no longer post email or contact information. Trust that the Lord will hear your prayers, and that others around the world will be able to read and pray about your prayer message.


Policies Our Publishing Policies

Prayer Requests:
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Praise Reports:
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Message Posting Rules and Policies

We personally read and pray over everything that comes into our prayer service! We review all messages, which allows us to both pray for you, and filter out un-Godly messages. We do pray for the people posting un-Godly messages, even if we don't post them. We try to post the prayers and praise reports within a few days (although after 22 years, we have had a few delays along the way). We have policies on prayer and praise reports because there are wolves among the sheep.


We have run this site since 1996, and privacy has always been a top priority. When people post "Personally Identifiable Information" (PII) in a message, we remove that PII as a matter of policy. We usually replace that personal information with asterisks "***". The internet has always been both a friendly place and a hostile place. To help protect privacy, we no longer allow email addresses or private messages to be posted.

Last Names Omitted

We omit last names to protect the parties involved. The Lord knows who you are - He really doesn't need your last name, or your friend's last name. We also omit company names. This isn't an advertising service, it is a prayer house. If you need prayer for your business, feel free to post a prayer, but keep in mind, there are better places for commercials.

NO Website links, and NO email addresses in prayer/praise text.

All email addresses in the text portion of the prayer, and all links to external websites will be deleted. This is not the place to advertise your website.


Please do not type in ALL CAPS when you type your message. We filter messages in all caps and convert them to lower case.

Cooperation with Legal Authorities

We reserve the right to volunteer information to legal authorities when we suspect that there may be illegal activity taking place using any of our services. We always surrender information to legal authorities when a request is made by court order.

LORD be with you!

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The Earth is the Lord's,
and the fulness thereof;