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Greek Fonts

This section describes the process of installing Greek and Hebrew fonts on your computer. God bless you!

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Greek Fonts:

Viewing Greek Characters on Your PC

To view Biblical Greek (or Koine Greek) in the greek alphabet, you may need to update the "fonts" on your PC. Since the Greek alphabet is not part of the standard browser setup, you may need to update your computer to display the Greek characters by adding a greek font to the font section of your PC.

For example, the Greek letter "alpha" (in lower case) and the word "Jesus" are given below. The versions in the left column are from GIF images, and any graphic browser should be able to display them. The versions on the right use a Greek font as a test for your computer. If this greek font has not been previously installed on your computer, then the figure on the left will not match the figure on the right. The graphic version and the font version should look similar (except for minor variations in accent marks and size) if you have a greek font installed on your PC. If the graphic image and greek font versions do not match, you will need to update the software on your computer, and have the Greek font installed. This is safe and can be done for free!

Testing Your PC for Greek Fonts

The characters in the "Graphic Image" column and "Greek Font" column should look similar
(except for size, and possible accent mark differences).
Transliterated English
alpha a a alpha
Jesus accent ÅIhsou'ß Iesous Jesus

The Bible Study Tools website (great site, is used to provide the interlinear Greek for the study verse on our website. We will be linking to a number of tools on the Bible Study Tools site which use the Greek and Hebrew fonts. To display Greek and Hebrew characters on your PC, you will need to download the fonts for the characters in the language. The Bible Study Tools site has a free download section for Greek and Hebrew fonts (links in the next section).

In some cases we provide links to the Blue Letter Bible lexicon, which includes the Greek words as GIF images, and is compatible with any graphic browser. See the Blue Letter Bible link below to the Greek word for "Jesus". Since the characters are graphic images at Blue Letter Bible, you do not need the special Greek and Hebrew fonts at the Blue Letter site. However, most Biblical Greek and Hebrew sites do require Greek and Hebrew fonts, so it is a good idea to install the fonts (each font is a small file).

Jesus - Link to Blue Letter Bible Lexicon for Jesus (Strongs # 2424) (Greek font not required on PC)

We will also link to the Greek Lexicon on the Bible Study Tools site. This link contains much more information, but also requires that you have the Greek fonts installed on your computer. The Bible Study Tools site contains more information than the Blue Letter Bible lexicon, including a sound link so you can hear the word. The link below is to the Bible Study Tools site for the word "Jesus":

Jesus - Link to Crosswalk Lexicon for Jesus (Strongs # 2424) (Requires Greek font on your PC)

It is a matter of personal preference as to which lexicon to use. I usually use the Blue Letter Bible links, since it loads faster, and I usually don't need the sound file for pronunciation (although it is very useful). In any case, if you are really doing an in-depth study you will want to acquire an advanced lexicon in book form, such as the classic (and massive) 10 Volume Dictionary of the New Testament or the abridged one volume version of this 10 volume set (still almost 1400 pages) Kittel's Abridged Dictionary, or the less detailed (but still good) Thayer's or other good lexicon. The lexicons in book form provide more detailed information than is usually available through websites.

Font Resources

Greek Characters on the Bible Study Tools Website

The link below contains information for installing the Greek and Hebrew fonts on MS Windows and Apple PC's (click on links that say "BST Greek Font" and "BST Hebrew Font"):

Greek and Hebrew Font Information

The above procedure will work with most generic Windows systems. For Mac based PC's and other systems, just follow a similar procedure for font installation. The basic steps for Windows are:
  1. Download the BST Font files from the link above (Greek and Hebrew Font Information)
    • Remember where you save the two files for Greek and Hebrew

  2. Open Control Panel
  3. In Control Panel, select "Appearance and Personalization"
  4. In "Appearance and Personalization" select "Fonts"
    • This opens a window with a list of the fonts that are installed on your PC

  5. Open Windows Explorer and go to the directory where you stored the downloaded Greek and Hebrew fonts.
  6. Copy the downloaded Greek and Hebrew font files from the directory you stored them to the Control Panel fonts window (or right click on the font file in Windows Explorer)
  7. Older systems may need to reboot. Windows 7 and newer systems do not need to reboot.
  8. Done!

2404: Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Abridged in One Volume
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Abridged in One Volume
By Gerhard Kittel, ed.; G.W. Bromiley, trans. / Eerdmans Publishing Co.

The monumental 10-volume Kittel's TDNT is considered the best NT dictionary ever compiled. Yet its size and technical nature have put off many Bible students who might otherwise have profited from its essential insights. The one-volume "Little Kittel" overcomes this difficulty, focusing particularly on biblical usage. All other material is greatly reduced or eliminated. 1392 pages, hardcover from Eerdmans.
32095: Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament
Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament
By Joseph H. Thayer / Hendrickson Publishers

For over a century, Thayer's has been lauded as one of the best New Testament lexicons available for any student of New Testament Greek. This lexicon provides dictionary definitions for each word and relates each word to its New Testament usage and categorizes its nuances of meaning. It also offers exhaustive coverage of New Testament Greek words, as well as extensive quotation of extra-biblical word usage and background sources consulted and quoted. This lexicon is coded to Strong's for those with little or no Greek knowledge.
2324: Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, 10 Volumes
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, 10 Volumes
By Edited by G. Kittel, translated by G.W. Bromiley / Eerdmans Publishing Co.

TDNT is an authorized and unabridged translation of Theologisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament. This work was first published in the German edition in 1933. It is designed for the use of intermediate and advanced Greek student. Each significant Greek word of the New Testament is generally presented in its secular Greek background; its role in the Old Testament (both in the Hebrew and the Septuagint); its use by Philo, Josephus, the rabbinical literature; its uses in the New Testament, which is sometimes classified according to synoptic, Johannine, Petrine and Pauline usage; and sometimes the Apostolic Fathers are included as well.

There were more than 100 scholars who contributed to the work, including specialists in Old Testament, Septuagint, Hellenistic, Semitic and Rabbinic studies. Substantial bibliographies and extensive footnotes supplement the articles. Volume 10 is an index volume to the entire series, compiled by Ronald Pitkin.

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The Earth is the Lord's,
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