The Earth is the Lord's,
and the fulness thereof;

Verse of the Day:
Mobile Phones

Get Verse of the Day on Your Mobile Phone, PDA, etc.

(Formatted for Cell Phones and PDAs)

Domain names are used as addresses on the internet. Our domain name,, is just a pointer or address on the internet to a particular computer and website. While the ".com" , ".org", and ".net" extensions are the most common, there is a new top level domain name ".mobi" that is designed for small screen devices that connect to the web. This includes mobile phones with web capability, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's) (Blackberries, PalmOne Treo...). So now, during one of those wait times in life, or at work during a break, you can surf to (or and read today's Bible Verse of the Day. The ".mobi" domains are intended for use on mobile phones. The small screen size makes navigation almost impossible for a regular site like, so the sites in ".mobi" are designed for the smaller screen format. To create our new mobile phone verse of the day, we take the same verse as our regular verse of the day, and make it available as a small webpage for phones.

This is the perfect opportunity to put the Word of God into your life, while waiting in the doctor's office... or between classes... or waiting for the bus... or in a meeting... anywhere you get cell service with web connection.

You can go there now with your regular browser using the links below, but remember it is formatted for a small phone or PDA, and not standard large screens. The site provides the current verse of the day in KJV from, along with links to the NASB and NIV versions of the daily verse.

Our prayer is that this daily verse service will be a blessing to the Church in a busy connected world. Father we pray that this same busy world learns to take time out and connect with You, our Creator. Father help this service to be a tool for others to use as they grow closer to You. You have said Father that Your Word does not return void, so help us Lord to continue to publish Your Word in new ways to reach more people. Help this ministry to shine the light of Your Word on the world, and lead new souls to salvation through Your Son Christ Jesus. Father we ask that this small daily verse service becomes a large blessing for the Body. We ask this Father in the name of Your Son Jesus, amen.

God bless you, and be sure to drop by with your cell phone for the verse of the day,
Job (designed for cell phones)

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The Earth is the Lord's,
and the fulness thereof;