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My mom's complete healing of cancer
Category: Health and Healing
12/30/2018 7:05 PM
My mom, Beverly Chamness has cancer and is in a nursing home. I need everyone to pray with all of their heart and soul for complete healing. I miss having my mom at home. I love my mom with all of my heart and soul!!!!! I fully accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!!!!! Jesus is Lord!!!!! Amen!!!!! The name of the nursing home is Fulton Nursing and Rehab.

Marriage Restoration
Category: Relationships and Marriage
12/28/2018 7:56 PM
I ask that God restore and reunite my marriage and that the third person be permanently removed and the situation between them be dissolved for good. I ask that we have a new start in the new year with new love. His said sk and you shall receive that when two or more are in agreement I shall provide. I ask this of you God.

Prayer for my family
Category: Home and Family
12/27/2018 12:01 PM
Pray for my daughter and son-in-law to receive salvation. Their children, James and Noah, are saved but see mom and dad not living for Jesus. Please pray for this family. They need You LORD. THank you.

Lost two weeks before Christmas
Category: Employment
12/27/2018 11:19 AM
Lost my job a few weeks before Christmas. please pray that something comes through in the next week that is in my field, Architecture, same compensation and does not require me to relocate from where I live. (same commute or less). Also in need of intercessory prayer to bind the evil one from exploiting the situation and causing further problems. Please pray for ample financial resources to see me through.

Prayer for salvation and repentance
Category: Salvation
12/26/2018 4:31 PM
Please pray for my mother in law Jackie she has a spirit of jezebel that is against her sons marriages. Pray the spirit of Jezebel and Ahab be removed. She does and says things to bring strife in the family. As a result the family is falling apart. Please pray that she repents and receives salvation thru Jesus Christ and a heavy conviction of her sin falls on her heart to remove the bitterness and anger. Pray that her and her husband Matt humble themselves before God and that this family can be healed in Jesus Name

healing and peace
Category: Health and Healing
12/18/2018 9:54 AM
please pray for healing in my eyes, teeth and feet and unity in my family

Category: Relationships and Marriage
12/17/2018 0:48 AM
Please pray for my marriage. My wife Amanda to call off this divorce and to stop her destructive life style. That she can come to truly know the Lord asap. Conviction and that she breaks off new relationships. That God can get her attention and wake her up. For her to stop listening to the lies of the enemy. For her heart to heal, soften, open and change in Jesus's Name. Please pray, Im desperately trying to save my marriage

For healing
Category: Other
12/16/2018 1:06 PM
I pray dear Lord for a healing of my terrible digestive problems that are steadily getting worse and for someone to come into my life that can diagnose the problem and help to heal it. I'm so ill and finding it hard to get into the spirit of joy this blessed season. Thank you Jesus.

Category: Health and Healing
12/13/2018 5:59 PM
Healing from Enimia and all its symptoms and healing from Tourette. Especially the physical ticking. For myself

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